Skincare Tips For A Hot And Humid Climate

Summer weather reminds us of two things – heat and humidity. In Southern Ontario, enduring the humidity is the pesky compromise that we have to make so that we can enjoy the warm and beautiful days of summer. It’s the bad that goes along with the good, and it’s right around the corner. However, humid weather can wreak havoc on your face - causing acne, redness, irritation, inflammation and more. So, here are some of our helpful skincare tips to help you deal with a hot and humid climate!

Cleanse your Face Morning and Night

Maintaining a consistent morning and evening skincare routine is the first step to clear skin all summer long. Cleansing your face will help to remove dead skin cells, makeup, oil, dirt and impurities– all culprits that contribute to clogged pores. If you’re in the habit of only washing your face once a day (at night, for example), we encourage you to add another session in! Over time, you’ll start to notice a big difference in the texture and smoothness of your face – especially in hot and humid weather. Our InflorEssence Cleanser contains soapwart which is an excellent natural source of saponins which provides gentle cleansing for sensitive and aging skin.


There’s no denying that hot and humid summer weather makes us sweat more than any other time of the year. This is why it’s important to make sure that you’re drinking a lot of water each and every day. Skin cells are also positively affected by extra hydration so drinking lots of water will help your cells to flush out the toxins in your skin.

SPF Protection

This is a very important skincare tip because when there is hot and humid weather there is also usually sun. But regardless of if the sun is shining or not, you should never leave the house without applying sunscreen. The UV radiation from the sun causes an inflammatory reaction that can indefinitely damage your skin cells. Wear a sunscreen of at least 30SPF on top of your moisturizer if your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF

Know Your Ingredients

The summer is already hot and humid enough as it is. There’s no need to add pore-clogging ingredients to the list of potential reasons for your next breakout. Stick to products that contain non-comedogenic (will not clog your pores) ingredients such as kukui nut oil. Additionally, anti-acne ingredients such as Lactic acid and trans-resveratrol will help to keep your skin clear and smooth during those hot and humid summer months.


If you find that you are especially susceptible to acne and uneven texture in hot and humid climates, then we recommend weekly facials or masks. To help exfoliate and revitalize your skin, we created a powerful combination of hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and breadfruit flower extract in our InflorEssence Clarifying Gel Mask. This mask will reduce the appearance of acne, redness and texture on your skin. It will instantly leave you looking fresher and younger. We recommend applying the gel mask 2-3 times per week, in the PM only, after cleansing. You can wear it as a thick face mask, spot treatment or overnight mask.

hot humid skincare

Hopefully these skin care tips will help keep your skin healthy and beautiful this summer! Let us know if you have any of your own skincare tips for hot and humid weather. We would love to hear from you!